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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, "one size fits all" is a concept as outdated as dial-up internet. At Tech Rōnins Consulting, we embrace the diversity of needs and budgets that each unique company brings to the table. Our service model is designed to flexibly fit the precise contours of your business's requirements and financial landscape. We understand that startups operate on a spectrum of development stages and budgetary constraints, and our goal is to offer you the tailored technical guidance that aligns perfectly with your current position and future aspirations.

With our innovative approach, you no longer have to compromise on quality due to budget limitations nor pay for services that don't serve your immediate needs. Whether you're in the market for just a sprinkle of sage advice to steer your project in the right direction or a full-fledged CTO powerhouse to take the reins of your technical operations, our À La Carte offerings ensure that you get exactly what you need. By crafting a personalised service package, we guarantee efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring every euro you invest is optimised for the maximum return. Let us mold our expertise around your vision and budget, forging a partnership that evolves as you do, always in lockstep with your journey towards success.


We work with you to crafting a tailored tech strategy and roadmap that aligns with the startup's goals and resources. We provide oversight and expert advice as the startup begins executing the tech roadmap, including agile process setup and team structure.

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Fractional CTO

 We take an active role in project management, decision-making, hiring plan, and lead the tech team towards creating value and achieving your vision.

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